The ultimate time/money saver

I hate cooking. Well, I don’t hate cooking. I’d LOVE cooking if I had time to spend there that I don’t care to spend anywhere else. I think any mom with a toddler can attest to the lack of time we get with our kiddos M-F. This makes me hate cooking.

I hate grocery shopping. Now, this one I actually hate. It’s so expensive! And to make it not expensive, it’s incredibly time consuming to shop every sale, go to multiple stores, put together a meal plan around sales. Yuck. Again, I don’t have that kind of time for an awful task like this.

I love freezer meals! We started these in January as part of many New Years resolutions around creating time for ourselves, spending time with each other, saving money, blah blah blah. The first month, we did them ourselves through a plan with $5 dinners. It took us probably 4-5 hours to prep these meals (my hubs helped), but it fed us for a month! Lunches and dinners. Overall, we spent probably $180 on groceries for the plan, plus weekly grocery shopping for the essentials. The meals themselves were tasty – we liked some more than others. This month, I participated in HyVee Freezer Meals through our local HyVee. It cost $135 for 10 meals (4 servings each) and it took about 45 minutes this last weekend. No cleanup, no grocery shopping – I’m so pumped.

Moving forward, we’ll likely do a combination of both of the above. The $5 dinners are definitely more cost effective – and I’m REALLY jazzed about them launching FreezEasy!

If you too aspire to save money and save time (does anyone not aspire for this?!), give it a shot!! Try HyVee, try doing it yourself, or grab some friends and make a day of it together!